SMITE reveals reworked Bastet, Goddess of Cats

By Michael Jamias
smite bastet reveal video

Pounce on enemies, shred them to pieces and leave them bleeding to their deaths as SMITE's newest reworked goddess, Bastet.

As the Goddess of Cats, Bastet is as ferocious as she is loyal but she has been due for some much-needed changes. This month's update does that and more, updating not only her animations and 3D model, but also polishing her kit to make her more impactful in the MMO MOBA.

Watch this SMITE Bastet goddess reveal video to see her impressive rework:

In the fields of battle, Bastet is an expert in mangling targets while escaping with her life. Bastet is a great initiator and burst damager, leaping a great distance with her Pounce ability then unleashing a flurry of whip and knife attacks before jumping out with the second trigger of her Pounce ability.

If she decides to go all in, Bastet can assassinate a single target by taking advantage of her stacking open wound passive, the improved Razor Whip (formerly Razor Claws) which now applies powerful bleeds on a wider 70 degree angle from the previous 45, and Cat Call ultimate that summons three cats for high focus damage.

Another welcome change is the reduced casting time for Declaw (formerly Nine Tails), which has been more than halved to 0.3 seconds from 0.66 seconds, making it more effective in securing kills in the arena action rpg and an overall more powerful burst ability.


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