Watch Athena skewer foes in SMITE reveal vid

By Michael Jamias
smite athena reveal video

The goddess of wisdom descends from Olympus to serve as the newest melee tank in SMITE. Watch her reveal video below.

The MOBA type free online rpg adds the favored daughter of Zeus as a playable goddess. Based on her passive and active skills, it's clear that Athena can dive into the frontlines to protect allies or chase down fleeing enemies with her range throws and gap closing rush attack.

Athena's passive is Reach which turns her next basic attack into a ranged attack after using any ability. The thrown spear also hits all enemies it passes through as well as deals additional magic damage.

Her activated skills consist of the Preemptive Strike dash which inflicts a slow and grants Athena with a block stock. Each stored block can repel basic attacks, and can stack up to three.

Confound deals cone damage and taunts all hit enemies. Lastly, her Shield Wall calls forth a squad of Athenian warriors that deal damage on impact and strike again for additional damage on the cast area.

But of all her abilities, Athena's ultimate is what makes her stand out from the other tanks in the mmorpg MOBA.

When Athena activates Defender of Olympus, she can jump to a single allied god anywhere in the map, making what would have been 1v1 fight a more favorable 2v1. It can also be used to surprise enemies since the targeted ally will receive 50% damage for roughly 4 seconds while Athena charges up her jump and deals nearby enemies when she finally lands in battle.

Athena releases in SMITE with the High Counselor skin.


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