SMITE introduces Ah Muzen Cab

By Tam Mageean
smite ah muzen

Make way for the winged God of Bees as Battle-Arena-MMO, SMITE introduces a new combatant.

SMITE has a history of introducing Gods laced with deep and fascinating RPG lore, but their new hunter, Ah Muzen Cab, enters the realm much more mysteriously, with the developers hinting that he didn't honorably earn his God status.

Ah Muzen Cab's abilities include:

Bees! - A passive attack that summons a swarm of bees that scout the map for foes, displaying them on the minimap.

Hive - Ah Muzen Cab builds a hive; a buff totem of sorts that gives the hunter movement, attack speed enhancements and increased healing when nearby.

Swarm - A linear beam of bees that deals damage and invokes Bees!, once again illuminating hidden enemies.

Honey - Ah Muzen Can sprays a jet of sticky honey across a moveable target location, slowing enemies down. Any nearby hives or swarm attacks will also become attracted to the honey, dealing damage and applying Bees! to anyone in their path.

Stinger - Ah Muzen Cab's ultimate launches a stinger at an enemy, dealing out damage, crippling the target and, you guessed it, applying Bees! Stinger can be countered by a cleanse, and is negated if the target dies, but is Ah Muzen Cab picks up the used stinger in time, the cool down is reduced.

SMITE Ah Muzen Cab

These attacks make Ah Muzen Cab a serious threat on the battlefield. His Honey and Hive abilities can really tilt the tables, and give him a home-advantage, wherever he roams.

Other additions arriving with Ah Muzen Cab in the patch include a general rebalance, new voice packs, some gold appearances and a revamped, All Random All Mid, Assault Game Mode.


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