Overhauled God, Agni, reignites SMITE

By Tam Mageean
smite agni

Today, SMITE's ever growing roster grew got a little bit hotter, as Agni, God of Fire received a well-deserved remodel.

Agni, one of the MOBA-type rpg's original, elemental Gods has slowly faded into the background, as more and more shinier, newer warriors march on into the arena. The two-headed Hindu God of fire has been remodeled and modernized, with the hope of becoming as alluring as some of the younger models.

The remodel has only been overhauled visually and his sound effects and abilities remain unchanged.

Agni's split personalities are still reflected in the remodeled version, with a head to represent destruction, and another to symbolize purification, but overall; he's looking a lot darker, a lot deadlier and much more battle-hardened

The Free, Incinerator and Golden versions of SMITE's remodeled Agni have all undergone a polish, with the Volcanic version set to be remodeled, and included in an upcoming patch. Free, Incinerator and Golden Agni all have brand new textures that make them appear much darker, meaner and more detailed. They all come complete with all new outfits and artwork too and have a noticeably more godlike aura.

Predictably, the requests have already began pouring in for the next remodel, with Bastet and Fenrir currently appearing the most wanted.

Which mmo medium do you feel deserves a rework? Let us know in the comments!


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