SMITE Brings Chronos Into the Fray

By Josh Wirtanen
SMITE Brings Chronos Into the Fray

Hi-Rez Studios' god brawling MOBA SMITE has just released its newest update, which allows players to step into the shoes of Chronos.

The reveal video gives this explanation: "Patient to a fault, Chronos knows no urgency. He does not fear pain or war or death, for he is Time itself and will outlast all. For this reason, his presence on the field of battle is alarming." He sounds terrifying.

Chronos wields the Gears of Time, which means he has all sorts of time-related abilities. For example, his passive is called "Wheel of Time," which shows a spinning wheel that grants a specific bonus based on where the wheel is when an ability is activated. These abilities include creating time rifts, accelerating his own attack speed, and freezing enemies in time.

Additionally, his ultimate is called Rewind, and it sounds pretty powerful. According to the official press release: "With his ultimate, Rewind, Chronos demonstrates his absolute command of time and influence over the battle by traveling back to where he was eight seconds before. Health and mana are gained as well as all cooldowns (except rewind) being reset instantly."

For more on Chronos, check out the full reveal video below:


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