SMITE adds Cu Chulainn
Another figure from Celtic lore is joining SMITE. The free mmo of warring gods features a heavy list of deities and heroes from Greek, Egyptian, Viking, and Mayan mythology, but figures from other pantheons have been regularly added over time. Hi-Rez Studios have announced the new playable SMITE Cu Chulainn hero's addition to the game.The playable SMITE Cu Chulainn character is a figure from Celtic mythology. He is believed to be an incarnati...
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Jun 15 2017
SMITE announces the Bob Ross bundle
Gamers are used to getting the latest announcements from their favorite mmo games. Usually, such announcements are of the normal things: some new quests, bug fixes, class tweaks, and the like. Then there are times when an announcement takes you totally by surprise and has you checking the calendar to make sure it's not an April Fools Day prank. Today is when of those days as Hi-Rez announces their upcoming SMITE Bob Ross bundle.Yes, you read ...
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May 04 2017
SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble review
Many mmo gamers grew up spending countless hours playing Mario Kart. The colorful racing antics of Mario and his assorted Nintendo brethren has to rank as one of the best games ever due to its sheer simplicity and outstanding fun. Normally, one would not associate SMITE, the moba of battling gods, with the charming whimsy of Mario Kart, but the game's recent Apollo's Racer Rumble event has done just that. This latest of the game's Adventures mode...
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Apr 20 2017
SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble event begins
The racing action of Mario Kart zooms into the world of SMITE today. The free mmo of battling gods is hosting a new event that take the action from the battlefield and onto the racecourse. The SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble event begins today and lasts through May 9th for PC and Apple users. Console players will have to wait until May 9th to begin their racing career, which will last through June 6th.The SMITE Apollo's Racer Rumble features an e...
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Apr 11 2017
SMITE announces The Morrigan
The battlefields of SMITE are about ready to be hit with a hefty dose of Celtic power. The free mmo of battling gods has featured quite a few diverse pantheons, ranging from Egyptian to Greek to Mayan, and it's now time for Celtic deities to get into the action. During the current Hi-Rez Expo, it was announced that the new SMITE The Morrigan, Phantom Queen, playable hero will be added to the game's roster with the next patch. The addition of the...
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Jan 05 2017
SMITE adds Thoth
A lot of gods fighting it out in SMITE will soon find themselves being judged by the Egyptian arbiter of conflicts between good and evil. The latest patch for the free mmo sees the introduction of the playable SMITE Thoth, Arbiter of the Damned, god to the moba. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth served as the scribe of the gods, was the master of both physical and moral law, and made the calculations for the creation of the heavens, stars, and Earth. ...
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Nov 09 2016
Top five ways to improve esports
The rise of eSports on a global scale has been nothing short of phenomenal. Who would have thought a few years ago that millions of fans would today be regularly following pro mmo teams and watching the many tournaments that are held every week? Still, the industry is in its infancy, which means that there have been some sharp and disheartening growing pains. While I foresee the industry continuing to grow, there are a number of ways to improve e...
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Oct 31 2016
SMITE adds Camazotz
The developers at Hi-Rez Studios love digging deep into different pantheons to find new gods to add to their SMITE mmo. This is a refreshing change of pace from the usual Greek or Roman gods, and the latest entry comes from Mayan mythology. Hi-Rez has just added the new SMITE Camazotz playable champion, and this beauty is the Mayan god of the bats.The abilities of the new SMITE Camazotz god within the game are: Essence Drinker (Passive): Cam...
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Oct 11 2016
Hi-Rez Expo 2017 announced
While the temperature may be cold next January in Atlanta, Georgia, the online action will definitely be heating up. Hi-Rez Studios have announced the date for the Hi-Rez Expo 2017 event that will feature hardcore tournaments for their mmo games. Gamers can watch three tournaments in total: the SMITE World Championship for the PC, the inaugural SMITE World Championship for the Xbox One, and the first ever Paladins HRX Invitational. The Hi-Rez Exp...
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Jun 20 2016
SMITE Adds Fafnir to roster
Another figure from Norse mythology is set to smash into the SMITE free mmo of battling gods. This entity is both belligerent and has an obsession with gold. Did I forget to mention that he can also turn into a dragon? In the game's latest update, Dwarven Corruption, SMITE adds Fafnir, Lord of the Glittering Gold, as a playable character. Fafnir is the son of the dwarf king Hreidmar, and he slew his father due to his insatiable greed in order to ...
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Jun 07 2016