Morrowind can now be played in the Skyrim engine

By Tam Mageean
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When upcoming MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online was doing the tester and convention circuit, and we were all beginning to get our hands on it, there was one resounding description - "It's like Morrowind crossed with Skyrim".

Well, evidently that description didn't fall on deaf ears, and nary to be outdone; a modder by the name of Shadow has tried to replicate that very experience. "SkyWind" is a Skyrim mod that turns one RPG classic into another; imposing the Morrowind storyline into the Skyrim.

The 3.5GB PC mod file is currently in its alpha phase but is sounding promising.It even has voice acting in development, with contributors on the Morroblivion forums creating their own character folders and soundbites to turn the relatively text-only Morrowind script into a glorious, audible experience.

"It has several plugins (a master file and patch) and all the graphics and sounds to make up the world of Morrowind."

Although the world and many of the features are now explorable, Shadow concedes that it's a big job, and that the announcement of the Alpha has been made in the hope of getting some help from the community to get this Morrowind revival up and running.

"...we rely on the the continuous addition of contributors for the success of a playable game"

To play the alpha of this Skyrim Morrowind hybrid; you need a PC copy of Skyrim and the Game of the Year Edition of Morrowind, (or Morrowind with all of the expansions).

So, is it anything like Elder Scrolls Online? See for yourself! If you'd like to see this Elder Scrolls Frankenstein come to life, you can check it out for yourself here.


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