The New Revenant Class Slashing Its Way into Skyforge

By Jeff Francis
Skyforge announces Revenant class

There are some interesting and unique classes to be found in Skyforge, but the free mmo is adding a new one that seems to be in a league of his own. Allods Team today announced the new Skyforge Revenant class that is coming soon to the online game where gamers attempt to rise to godhood. The Revenant is truly a scary character, as can be seen by his introduction video. You know you're something else when monsters flee in terror from you.

The new Skyforge Revenant class is the 14th class overall for the game. The Revenant is a mighty warlord, appropriately adorned with impressive armor and wielding a ghastly two-handed axe, and who siphons the life from its enemies using vile shadow magics, assuming it hasn’t simply butchered opponents into a gory mess first. His announcement states that if you enjoy settling scores and wearing your enemies as battle trophies, then you'll enjoy playing as the Skyforge Revenant.

The Revenant is releasing on September 19th, and his addition comes in the nick of time. A demonic invasion will begin in the mmo on August 30th as Nihaz, a powerful creature from another realm of reality, is leading demonic forces through the Astral and into the world of Aelion. The demonic invasion update features three new invasion adventures and four new distortion generals to fight against. I'm pretty sure the Revenant would be a welcome addition to this fight.

Are you excited about the new Skyforge Revenant class? Let us know in the comments below.


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