Skyforge character progression details revealed

By Michael Jamias
skyforge character progression

You won't need to worry about grinding to max level in Skyforge because "character progression in the game is not level based," developers confirmed in the latest Skyforge community Q&A post.

Instead, Skyforge character progression system will focus on powering up your class, then other classes you unlock along the way. Players will be able to easily switch between their trained classes "whenever you like" presumably to suit a specific fight or team composition.

Skyforge artwork hero

Does that mean you won't need to create an army of mmorpg alts in Skyforge? That's pretty much a yes.

"Fast switching between classes rids you of need to abandon your favorite character in order to create an alt of a different class. This limitation is completely lifted," said the developers.

Fans of either fantasy or sci-fi rpg games should also get their fix, with developers promising to cater to both genres when it comes to designing their dungeons and world areas.

For combat, it was revealed that Skyforge was inspired by console action and fighting games, which translates to moving using the WASD + mouse, the use of combos, and a heavy focus on using the left and right mouse buttons for abilities.

"Where you are looking is where you will go when moving, and were your attacks will go when you attack," suggesting that positioning and character orientation well you fight and hit targets in battle.


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