Skyforge News

Skyforge announces Revenant class
There are some interesting and unique classes to be found in Skyforge, but the free mmo is adding a new one that seems to be in a league of his own. Allods Team today announced the new Skyforge Revenant class that is coming soon to the online game where gamers attempt to rise to godhood. The Revenant is truly a scary character, as can be seen by his introduction video. You know you're something else when monsters flee in terror from you.The n...
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Aug 29 2017
Skyforge Evil Pumpkin Festival 2016
Halloween just wouldn't be the same without seeing ghoulish carved pumpkins and having bags full of delicious candy. Luckily, the Skyforge Halloween event features both items but also adds a healthy dose of PvP action for mmorpg players to enjoy. The Skyforge Evil Pumpkin Festival begins tomorrow and lasts through November 11th. During that time, the Aelinar will be transformed to represent the creepy holiday, and players will need to keep a wary...
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Oct 26 2016
Skyforge Ascension update launches
The election season is reaching fever pitch in the United States, which is mirrored by the introduction of politics into the Skyforge mmorpg. Players can now elect 12 leaders as part of the Council of the Gods as the Skyforge Ascension update is now live. You thought you could escape politics by playing online games? Well, think again! The two main features of the Skyforge Ascension update are the Council of the Gods and the new boss, who is the...
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Oct 19 2016
Skyforge Outlaw released
There's a dangerous new class swaggering into the badlands of the Skyforge mmo: the Outlaw. This new class has just been added to the game and is an answer to the prayers of gamers looking for some action that can only be filled with blazing twin pistols. The Skyforge Outlaw has no deep lore or hidden secrets as they're just heroes that look to even the scales without looking for any help. The Skyforge Outlaw relies upon his quickness and skill,...
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Oct 13 2016
First Skyforge anniversary event begins
A year can go by so quickly, so it's surprising to realize that the first Skyforge anniversary is already upon us. Allods Team and have announced that the free mmo will be celebrating this milestone in a number of ways and have released a trailer showing the game's accomplishments so far, including the fact that there have been eight expansions already released! Personally, I'm surprised that more gamers are playing as males than females. ...
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Jul 13 2016
Skyforge swimsuit design contest announced
Summer has arrived in all its blazing glory. This means a lot of gamers are devoting a lot more time to playing mmo games now that school is no longer an issue. Of course, summer also means going to the beach or lounging by the pool, even if you're an aspiring god in Skyforge. However, it seems that these powerful entities want a lot more variety in their swimwear, which is why Allods Team and have announced the Skyforge swimsuit design co...
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Jun 23 2016
skyforge cybernetic alliance update release
Cybernetic companions come to the rescue in the newest shocking update in Skyforge. The Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance update doles out free robot companions to players. Even better, it also rolls out new content that will allow you to upgrade the mechanical comrades with two valuable modules.The first module lets your robot companion revive you while the second module enables it to collect your mmorpg loot after a fight. Both of these upgrade...
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Jun 02 2016
skyforge reapers revenge april 20
First came the omen, now comes the revenge. Less than a month since Skyforge grappled with the arrival of the Dark Omen update, developers for the mmorpg have announced the Reapers' Revenge update.Landing on April 20, the Skyforge Reapers' Revenge update grants even more reckless power in the form of distortion vectors and mount upgrades. Completing distortions will not only provide some of the best arsenal than Immortals can hope to acquir...
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Apr 11 2016
Skyforge Dark Omen update announced
The development team behind the Skyforge online rpg have been pretty busy. Since the game launched, there's been a steady stream of updates, which is a refreshing change of pace from what most companies offer. Last month saw the March of Knowledge update drop, and now Allods Team have announced the release date for the Skyforge Dark Omen update, which will be on March 16th. Nothing like getting an announcement of a new update a week before it lau...
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Mar 10 2016
skyforge knight class reveal
Do you like being a meat shield in Skyforge but just cannot be satisfied with the Paladin playstyle? The new Knight class offers an alternative tanking option in the mmorpg, with their unbreakable shield and super pointy spear in hand. The Skyforge Knight is the thirteenth class and second tank to join the pantheon of warriors aspiring to transcend into an Elder God in Skyforge. Take a look at the Skyforge Knight class trailer to get a glim...
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Mar 03 2016