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  • Skyforge: Atmosphere

    Skyforge: Atmosphere
    The atmospheres of Skyforge will take your breath away. From soaring vistas to wandering plains, this MMO has it all....
    Skyforge: Atmosphere

    Skyforge: Character Customization

    Skyforge: Character Customization
    While it doesn’t allow for absolute customization, the character creation process in Skyforge is much more dense than you see in m...
    Skyforge: Character Customization

    Skyforge: Storyline

    Skyforge: Storyline
    It’s true, there is an excess of story early in the game. But along with that, you get a lore table that is wonderfully bountiful....
    Skyforge: Storyline

    Skyforge: Combat

    Skyforge: Combat
    Combat in Skyforge smoothly melds together keystroke commands and mouse dynamics. While there are some huge problems with the supp...
    Skyforge: Combat

Skyforge Crucible of the Gods Update Gameplay First Look - HD

Skyforge Crucible of the Gods Update Gameplay First Look - HD

Skyforge Gameplay First Look - HD

Skyforge Gameplay First Look - HD

Rise to become a god in Skyforge, the free-to-play mmorpg developed by Obsidian and Allods Team. Fantasy and sci-fi are merged together as players seek to repel deadly invaders from conquering their world. Featuring a vibrant world that is able to be fully explored, this online game features spectacular dynamic combat and a great deal of freedom in character design.

Unlike most other mmorpg games, players in Skyforge do not play as simple adventurers looking for glory or mercenaries desiring riches beyond their dreams. In this mmo, players are actual demigods who have to travel a perilous hero's path. The player begins as a newly born immortal and must fight to progress to first a mighty champion and then eventually a god. As the player increases in power, his form will alter to show his true capability. Once the player has reached the pinnacle of power as a god, they can fight toe to toe against other gods as invincible giants. After ascending to glory as a great god, the player will ultimately head their own pantheon of deities.

Skyforge has some unique features that make it stand apart from other mmo games. There are no levels or xp in this online game, which will come as a shock to many players. There are classes in this game, fifteen to be exact. Each of the classes has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. This mmo features an open class system that has practically limitless character development. Players can switch classes in order to best deal with the current situation that they find themselves in. Another key aspect of this game is that there are no shards to split up players. All the players will interact upon one world that they will all share. Naturally, Skyforge offers a tightly integrated social network for its players.

Combat in Skyforge is both action-packed and visually stunning. The controls for combat will be familiar to mmo players and are console-style in origin. Players will use magic, sheer brute force, and technology to carry the day. This game mixes together sci-fi and fantasy for the player to use and interact as they seek to repel waves of alien invaders. All the standard mmo gameplay modes can be found here, ranging from solo and group PvE to full blown PvP. Visually, the game is beautiful and detailed. Players will have a viewing range of a full forty kilometers.

All in all, Skyforge is a Russian import that gamers will want to play. A richly detailed world where the player seeks to gain godhood, this game offers a great deal of character flexibility and action-packed combat.

By Jeff Francis


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