Skara debuts on Steam Greenlight

By Michael Jamias
skara steam greenlight

Steam fans are rallying behind Skara and have just voted it in as part of the Steam Greenlight. By being greenlit by the popular early backing program, Skara will be offered for worldwide distribution on the Steam platform after completing dveelopment.

Skara CEO and creative director Pablo Rodriguez said the free mmo moba garnered 240 votes within two hours, which helped it secure a spot as a Steam Greenlight game.

“Steam, in many ways the pioneer of online multiplayer gaming, is the ideal platform to launch SKARA” said Cesar Ortega, CFO of Skara. “We are really glad and thankful to have a place there now going forward.”

Scanning the fan comments on the new Steam Greenlight page for Skara, we see that feedback has been mostly positive. Many complimented the brutal humans vs. orcs, as well as its combat system that involves blocking, dodging, counterattacking and dealing finisher-type fatalities.

Fans also seem to be warming up to the idea of a multiplayer online versus game as a more exciting alternative to casual rpg games. Skara plans to host competitive tournaments, vicious 16-man arena brawls and gladiator-style rankings to recognize the best fighters and clans.

Skara is set to release sometime this year.


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