Here's a sneak peek of Skara's Lava Coliseum arena

By Michael Jamias
skara lava coliseum arena video

Things are literally heating up in Skara, the indie and brutally satisfying multiplayer fighting game from 8 Bit Studios.

The developer has unveiled its latest fiery project -- the Skara Lava Coliseum arena which will be available in the playable Skara demo releasing via Steam early access in a few weeks.

It's better for you to see it in the Skara February 2014 Alpha video below. This is latest one to be released and showcases the Lava Coliseum arena as well as gameplay enhancements made since the last Alpha video:

8 Bit Studios describes the arena as a lava-filled battle pit located inside the Rhozha Mountains, which is the homeland of the barbarian Khärn tribe.

In anticipation of the playable demo and Lava Coliseum arena release, developers are hyping the battle controls to be on par with arcade rpg games. It also explained why it is not to keen on marketing itself as an MMO title.

“Players will finally be able to get a feeling for Skar gameplay,” said Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and Creative Director of Skara, talking about the release. “The character control will feel like that in a versus game.”

“After a lot of thought, we decided the best way for people to think about SKARA was as: A versus fighting game…for sixteen players” he said.


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