Skara alpha video previews brutal multiplayer combat and fatalities

By Michael Jamias
skara alpha gameplay video

We haven't had something big to report on Skara for a while now, but then over the weekend the guys at 8 Bit Studios came out with the game's first alpha live gameplay video:

The  video features a brutal battle between the two Skara races of Durno and Khärn, set in the rocky Zem Moorlands Arena. In the YouTube description we learn that this was recorded during the second multiplayer combat test and well into the game's sixth month of development.

Both races can be deadly in the right hands, as shown by combo moves you can perform with either a sword-and-board Durno fighter or a club-whacking Khärn warrior.

We also see the fatalities feature already incorporated in the alpha version of the arena action RPG -- and they're satisfyingly brutal and fitting of the name.

The Durno fighters, for example, lunge at their target, pin the target down by sitting on the target's torso, and then repeatedly stab their target on the neck and head.

Players have two windows of opportunities to initiate a fatalities sequence. First is when the target becomes injured enough to reach a specified low HP threshold, wherein a player can press a button to trigger the fatality move. A second opportunity arises when you counter an opponent's attack and your opponent is at a low enough health.

Skara developers assured fans that they are following the tried-and-true iteration development (the one used in the testing-intensive MMORPG genre) to further improve the combat system, such as adjusting the speed of the fights and balancing the power of the races.


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