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skara steam early access october 27
Skara has secured its Steam Early Access slot, and will be launching on October 27. Skara Steam Early Access version will cost $19 and should be purchased by those who want to be a part of the "creative process of building Skara," says creative director Pablo Rodriguez at indie studio 8-Bit."We acknowledge that we still have a way to go, but we also want people to join us on our development journey as we move towards full scale release," he ...
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Oct 16 2014
skara steam release date
How satisfying does it feel to finish off an mmorpg enemy with a stylized fatality? You'll know soon enough now that Skara has finally cemented its Steam Early Access release on October 9. The Skara Steam Early Access launch date was announced during this year's gamescom event, and the price for play will cost $19. Built on the Epic's powerful Unreal 4 Engine, Skara features brutal 8v8 battles that end in stylized f...
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Aug 13 2014
skara steam early access
8 Bit Studios confirmed that it is prepping Skara for a debut on Steam Early Access next month. The Skara Steam Early Access release should significantly help get fan feedback for the free to play multiplayer online game for PC. Steam fans will be able to play the early version of the game, submit suggestions, catch bugs, and even write guides. In short, help out 8 Bit Studios put out a game that will be polished and intriguing enough to compete...
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Jun 04 2014
skara lava coliseum arena video
Things are literally heating up in Skara, the indie and brutally satisfying multiplayer fighting game from 8 Bit Studios. The developer has unveiled its latest fiery project -- the Skara Lava Coliseum arena which will be available in the playable Skara demo releasing via Steam early access in a few weeks. It's better for you to see it in the Skara February 2014 Alpha video below. This is latest one to be released and showcases the Lava Coliseum...
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Feb 27 2014
skara steam greenlight
Steam fans are rallying behind Skara and have just voted it in as part of the Steam Greenlight. By being greenlit by the popular early backing program, Skara will be offered for worldwide distribution on the Steam platform after completing dveelopment. Skara CEO and creative director Pablo Rodriguez said the free mmo moba garnered 240 votes within two hours, which helped it secure a spot as a Steam Greenlight game. “Steam, in many ways the pion...
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Jan 26 2014
skara alpha gameplay video
We haven't had something big to report on Skara for a while now, but then over the weekend the guys at 8 Bit Studios came out with the game's first alpha live gameplay video:The  video features a brutal battle between the two Skara races of Durno and Khärn, set in the rocky Zem Moorlands Arena. In the YouTube description we learn that this was recorded during the second multiplayer combat test and well into the game's sixth month of deve...
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Dec 23 2013