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Multiplayer fighting games are revolutionized by Skara, the free moba mmo developed by 8-Bit Studios. Featuring a dynamic, real-time combat system, players fight for dominance in a brutal fantasy world. Created by gamers for gamers, this game is playable across next gen consoles, PCs, and portable devices. Developed by a top team of Spanish developers, Skara aims to create a totally new experience by blending fps-style hand-to-hand combat with a compelling story.

What truly sets Skara apart from other moba-style mmo games is the combat system itself. Players will have absolute control over their character's movements as the system is highly intuitive and accurate. There is no repeated button mashing here. It is up to the skill of the player that determines whether they live or die. You choose the style and direction of your attacks. You must determine the exact moment that you need to block an attack. Every single movement can be counter-attacked if the player recognizes the potential, which can result in an instant kill. Yes, that means that any player can kill any other player at any time, no matter a character's rank.

There are no levels in Skara. A player becomes better by fighting and practicing with their character. It's not about who has the best weapons or armor, but who has the best skills. Players do have a rank, which does increase as they are victorious in battle. Higher ranks unlock new features, such as being able to found a new city or take part in faction battles, but the basic attacks,  combos, strength, and speed remain the same. If a player is skilled enough, certain attacks can create combo movements which can, if used properly, perform a "fatality", a special attack that kills your opponent with lots of blood and style. Combat is incredibly fast and furious in this mmorpg as players respawn rapidly elsewhere on the battlefield.

There are five different races for players to choose from in Skara, with two factions per race. Players can purchase equipment, but they do not create new abilities. A character can gain heavy armor, which provides better protection but it also has the effect of slowing them down. Some weapons do provide a special killing effect, which has no  impact upon the basic gameplay but the effects of killing a foe are much cooler.  

Skara features a number of different modes for the player, with some of them playable offline. The various modes include fast battles, faction battles (king of the hill or siege), horde, and story mode. Fast battles are quick skirmishes and can encompass styles ranging from deathmatch to capture the flag to duels. Faction battles are fought between opposing factions and include modes such as siege or king of the hill. Horde is playable offline and online and features the player (or his friends as well) fighting numerous waves of enemies. Story mode is also playable offline and is available for free. Each of the five races has their own unique story mode as the player becomes totally immersed in the harsh world of Skara.

By Jeff Francis


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