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  • Simraceway: Garage

    Simraceway: Garage
    Like any good racing game there are plenty of cars to earn and manage....
    Simraceway: Garage

    Simraceway: Events

    Simraceway: Events
    Race in events to earn credits, save up for that car you always wanted....
    Simraceway: Events

    Simraceway: Lets Race

    Simraceway: Lets Race
    Your heart begins to pound heavy, it's okay to be nervous....
    Simraceway: Lets Race

    Simraceway: Only One Winner

    Simraceway: Only One Winner
    I try to incorporate strategic maneuvers to get a gain from the left side....
    Simraceway: Only One Winner

Simraceway Gameplay

Simraceway Gameplay

Simraceway is a racing, free to play mmo for Microsoft Windows, developed and published by Ignite Game Technologies. Simraceway multiplayer modes support up to 15 players (drivers) racing against each other in real time. There is also a single player mode for those who want to take on AI challenges or train. There are Simraceway tournaments and contests that reward the best players with cash prizes. Cars and tracks are what count the most in a racing game. Simraceway has a wide selection of cars, ranging from traditional models to modern cars. You will see many famous car brands like: McLaren, Jaguar, Chrysler and many more. Simraceway tracks are designed after real tracks. Simraceway developers asked professional race drivers like Dan Wheldon and Dario Franchitti to help by offering their knowledge and expertise.

Players can choose from 63 Simraceway car models. There are several types of cars, each type for different terrains or tracks. The available Simraceway car types are: GT, Karts, Dirt Rally, Open Wheelers, Street, Touring, Novel and Prototype. Players get to drive the latest car models like the Audi R18 TDI or historical vehicles like Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta. Each car has certain characteristics like: top speed, acceleration time, horsepower, torque, drive train type and manual or automatic gear shifter. Each car has a description with accurate info. Racing fans have the chance to learn more about their favorite brands. Simraceway rpg uses a laser scanning technology combined with track blueprints to build in game tracks. There are 14 Simraceway tracks: Brno Circuit, ChicagoLand Speedway, Longstone Pass, Indianapolis, Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, Lime Rock Park, Paradise Bay, Shinjuku, Troyton Racing, Watkins Glen, Circuit Park Zandvoort, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Martinsville Speedway. Each circuit has a total number of miles and turns. Simraceway tracks are chosen to provide a versatile and diverse racing experience. Each Simraceway track has its own particularities.

In November 2011, Simraceway teamed up with SteelSeries, the famous peripheral manufacturer, to create a special steering wheel. SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 is easy to install and even easier to use. The SRW-S1 wheel has 22 customizable keys and adapts to player’s style. It has been tested by pro drivers to ensure it delivers an authentic racing experience. Simraceway has a practice mode for those not familiar with racing games. Quick Race mode has several difficulty settings. Those who want to take part in Simraceway free mmo events should check the official website. Simraceway has a partnership with Jim Russell Racing Driver School. Together they created the Simraceway Performance Driving Center, a real racing facility.

By Rachel Rosen

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