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  • Silkroad R: staff

    Silkroad R: staff
    Create your character and choose your favored weapon when starting a new character in Silkroad. Starting in November 2012, new pla...
    Silkroad R: staff

    Silkroad R: quests

    Silkroad R: quests
    Look for NPCs with this blue icon. These are your quests. Complete quests for standard rewards like experience, currency, and item...
    Silkroad R: quests

    Silkroad R: follow

    Silkroad R: follow
    Silkroad does not auto-move players to quest locations. Follow blue arrows to find your way to your tracked quest....
    Silkroad R: follow

    Silkroad R: combat

    Silkroad R: combat
    Early on, combat is very simple. Target an enemy and click on them to auto attack. Your weapon dictates what kind of attack you us...
    Silkroad R: combat

Silkroad R Gameplay

Silkroad R Gameplay

Silkroad R, a MMORPG developed and published by Joymax Co, is the new improved Silkroad Online. In a way, we can say that Silkroad R is Silkroad2. Silkroad R keeps the core mechanics, character system and development but adds a few improvements. Silkroad Online, the classic one, is still supported by Joymax. Veteran players who, for some reason, aren’t happy with Silkroad R can play the original Silkroad. When you have played a character for a long period of time, it is totally understandable that you cannot drop it in a heartbeat. Some players don’t want to lose their gear, hard earned achievements or memories connected with a particular character. Not to mention, leaving your friends or guildies behind and starting fresh is not a desirable option. Silkroad R developers understand these reasons and have come up with some nice deals for Silkroad Online veterans that want to migrate to Silkroad R.

New Silkroad R players receive a starter pack to make their first steps a bit easier. Among the goodies there are scrolls that improve XP gain or increase movement speed. The tutorial is one of the biggest Silkroad R improvements. New players will now have a better understanding of Silkroad R mechanics. Silkroad R has the same factions (Chinese and European) and classes as Silkroad Online free RPG. Just like Silkroad Online, Silkroad R offers a great deal of freedom for character development. It’s nice to see that one of the best Silkroad Online features wasn’t altered or broken. Silkroad R characters have more skills. With every 10 gained levels, Silkroad R players not only get an achievement but also a premium item. When you reach the level cap (120) with one character, all your other characters will be rewarded as well. This only applies for Silkroad R characters on the same server. Having a level 120 character gives another useful perk. New alts will automatically be promoted to level 100. Silkroad R has a rested XP buff. The offline period counts as resting time and the next time you login you will gain a buff that boosts XP rate.

Silkroad R has lots of events. Some are planned and players can check out the event schedule on Silkroad R official website. Some events take place at random times. Open world event bosses have better loot. One event is similar to a leveling contest between players. There is always something to do in Silkroad R or some event that will catch your attention and spice up gameplay. The PvP system is also enhanced and encourages more players to join PvP events. Silkroad R free online RPG supports group play. Team members receive more XP when completing Silkroad R objectives together.

By Rachel Rosen

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