Silkroad Online serves up its Thanksgiving update

By Michael Jamias
silkroad online thanksgiving update

Silkroad Online has released its Thanksgiving update that brings early festivities to the fantasy mmorpg.

The turkey-roasting holiday is still two weeks away but Silkroad Online has already filled the rpg with new costumes, including the magical Janissary outfit.

Described as the "armor of the elites," the Janissary outfit exudes a regal air with its blood red-navy-gold armor color scheme with matching ornamental helm and accessory. The male and female versions have minor differences, such as how the male Janissary outfit has poofier pants while the female has skin-tight leggings.

Developers also mark this most generous season with overflowing boosts and benefits. The Genie’s Lamp is back and being sold at the cash shop for a discount. Players who purchase the item will receive a second Lamp for free.

Fans who also want to skip the luck aspect can outright purchase two key items that were previously only available from the Genie's Lamp: The Premium Gold Ticket and 4-Week Gold Time.

The Premium Gold Time gives priority login to its bearer, as well as daily 5-hour character and skill double XP boosts. In addition, he or she also receives temporary stat gains. But most importantly, the ticket unlocks access to Premium PLUS quests that can lead to more powerful gear and faster leveling.

Meanwhile, the 4-Week Gold Time provides a daily 3-hour character and skill double boosts for roughly a month. And like the Premium Gold Time, it also enables the user to take on Premium PLUS quests.


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