Silkroad Online re-releases the Skeleton Knight Outfit

By Michael Jamias
silkroad online skeleton knight outfit

In time for Halloween, Silkroad Online brings back one of their most popular avatars.

“This month’s avatar update is the “Skeleton Knight Outfit” which made its return after popular demands from fans.  Along with the re-release of the fan-favorite avatar, Silkroad Online announces a major half-priced sale on all available avatars for a limited time only.  Players must be swift to gain this rare event as the offer ends on October 23rd,” said developer Joymax in a release.

For those new to the fantasy rpg, an Avatar is a special suit that can be worn on a character to change their outward appearance. It functions like cosmetic gear in other mmo games, and is one of the most sought out features in Silkroad Online, according to Joymax.

“With over 50 different avatars to choose from—ranging from pirate look to a fierce Spartan soldier—these detailed clothing allows players to distinguish themselves from the crowd (and induce few turning heads),” the developer said.

Several events will also begin this week, including exclusive half-priced sale on all avatars. The avatar update is coming this month together with a series of color updates for the fantasy online rpg.

Fans that have transferred over to Silkroad Online’s fast-track version, Silkroad-R, will also see new content. New Fellows, POP card expansions, and next tier item upgrades are scheduled to hit Silkroad-R starting next Tuesday.


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