Silkroad Online rolls out permanent avatar items

By Michael Jamias
silkroad online permanent avatar items

Silkroad Online makes some of its most popular items permanent on purchase.

Starting on the June 25 update, Silkroad Online players will be able to purchase many of the best outfits in the MMO and not have to worry about item decay.

10 outfits in the online rpg will now become limitless -- lasting forever -- and includes Arabian outfits, Angel Wing, Devil Wing, Pirate, Circus and other fan favorites, said mmo developer and publisher Joymax.

The decision to implement Silkroad Online permanent avatar items came as players requested for more value for their money's worth. Before, players who spend on these items had to repurchase them.

The impermanence of the items may have also discouraged many players from buying, so the change could see an uptick in sales.

Not all items though will be receiving the permanent item change. Hundreds of avatar costumers, hats, dresses and accessories will continue to last only for a short while, from as short as 1 day or as long as four weeks.

Joymax has not indicated whether the this is a precursor for more permanent avatar items in the future, or whether they are considering doing the same for other cash shop items, but if these do become popular then they should have every reason to do so.


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