Silkroad Online fires up the fanservice with Ignite expansion

By Michael Jamias
silkroad online ignite expansion

Silkroad Online cranks out some system improvements, returning player bonuses and fiery bonus XP events to keep you glued to the free online rpg.

“Players can expect a different experience when they jump back to the vast Silkroad universe; especially to those who have been away from the game for a while,” assured Silkroad Online developer Joymax. The Ignite Silkroad expansion releases on November 20.

Returning players also have bountiful gift packets waiting for them, filled with items worth $129 max from the cash shop. The goodie bags will be sent out stating November 20 as well to all registered players who haven’t logged on to the mmorpg game for at least a month. The bonus though will expire in three weeks from becoming available.

New systems coming with the Ignite expansion include “Rested Experience,” which allows players to stack special buffs when their characters are away from the game and which will roughly double their experience gain once they log on with their “rested” characters.

“Rookie players and veteran, current players and those returning, will have much to look forward to throughout these changes,” said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax.

Mr Kim also reminds everyone that November 20 is a special day for Silkroad Online – It’s officially been named Joymax Day, and will give out an eye-popping 1000% Exp Gain item, as well as other cool prizes during the same-day events to mark the occasion.


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