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silkroad online thanksgiving update
Silkroad Online has released its Thanksgiving update that brings early festivities to the fantasy mmorpg. The turkey-roasting holiday is still two weeks away but Silkroad Online has already filled the rpg with new costumes, including the magical Janissary outfit. Described as the "armor of the elites," the Janissary outfit exudes a regal air with its blood red-navy-gold armor color scheme with matching ornamental helm and accessory. The male an...
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Nov 14 2013
silkroad online permanent avatar items
Silkroad Online makes some of its most popular items permanent on purchase. Starting on the June 25 update, Silkroad Online players will be able to purchase many of the best outfits in the MMO and not have to worry about item decay. 10 outfits in the online rpg will now become limitless -- lasting forever -- and includes Arabian outfits, Angel Wing, Devil Wing, Pirate, Circus and other fan favorites, said mmo developer and publisher Joymax. Th...
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Jun 19 2013
silkroad online survival arena
In the new arena combat mode, fighters only have five minutes to finish off foes before settling for an embarrassing tie. Silkroad Online players will also have the shortest time to prepare for each arena match – a scant 60 seconds. From these mechanics, it’s clear that the Survival Arena is designed to be a quick and brutal engagement that should quicken the pulse of even the most battle-hardened fighters. Set to be released next week on March...
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Mar 14 2013
silkroad online ignite expansion
Silkroad Online cranks out some system improvements, returning player bonuses and fiery bonus XP events to keep you glued to the free online rpg. “Players can expect a different experience when they jump back to the vast Silkroad universe; especially to those who have been away from the game for a while,” assured Silkroad Online developer Joymax. The Ignite Silkroad expansion releases on November 20. Returning players also have bountiful gift p...
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Nov 14 2012
silkroad online avatar design contest
Winner gets to put the winning avatar in Silkroad Online. Silkroad Online's avatar design contest named “Project SilkroadWay” marks the 15th year anniversary of the free online rpg. Players who impress the judges stand to earn in-game cash and the rare chance to have their very own designed avatar put directly into the MMORPG world. “Instead of the run-of-mill anniversary events, Silkroad Online is focusing on player participation that could e...
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Sep 22 2012
silkroad online skeleton knight outfit
In time for Halloween, Silkroad Online brings back one of their most popular avatars. “This month’s avatar update is the “Skeleton Knight Outfit” which made its return after popular demands from fans.  Along with the re-release of the fan-favorite avatar, Silkroad Online announces a major half-priced sale on all available avatars for a limited time only.  Players must be swift to gain this rare event as the offer ends on October 23rd,”...
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Oct 22 2012