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  • Silkroad: class

    Silkroad: class
    After picking your weapon set, you can choose a job. A bow lets you choose between a hunter and thief....
    Silkroad: class

    Silkroad: combat

    Silkroad: combat
    At first combat is very straight forward. Select an enemy and autoattack until they are dead. Keep an eye on your health. You only...
    Silkroad: combat

    Silkroad: level

    Silkroad: level
    Remember to spend your stat points as you level. Choose between strenghth and intelligence to further specialize your character....
    Silkroad: level

    Silkroad: quest

    Silkroad: quest
    Hit 'Q' to bring up your quest journal. Starting quests are the best way to get new items, learn game mechanics, and get an experi...
    Silkroad: quest

Silkroad Online Gameplay

Silkroad Online Gameplay

Silkroad Online, developed and published by Joymax Co., is a free mmorpg where players get in touch with ancient Chinese, European and Islamic civilizations. The Silkroad was an ancient trade way that connected Rome and China. It wasn’t important just for trading but it was also a way for cultural exchange. Traders and diplomats traveled along the Silkroad. Silkroad Online game world offers a fantasy representation of actual roads, paths, zones and provinces that made up the real Silkroad. Silkroad Online blends several elements to create a game with a historical theme. Silkroad Online quests allow players to learn more about those times and are more than just kill mobs or retrieve items tasks. There is also an original skill/class system.

Silkroad Online has 2 races: European and Chinese. Each Silkroad Online race has male and female character models. The European race has a perk for potions, pills and skill masteries. The European race has 6 classes: Bard, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard, Warlock and Warrior. Silkroad Online players choose a race and preferred weapon when creating a character. Class choice and further character development will center on the selected weapon and race. Warriors can use one/two handed weapons or dual wield. They are the first to charge and protect their party members. The Rogue class deals damage using daggers and crossbows. They also use poisons. Wizards are magical damage dealers. They master 4 schools of magic: fire, air, water and earth. Warlocks are similar to Wizards but use dark magic. Clerics and Bards are support and healing classes in Silkroad Online free rpg. The Chinese skills divide into: weapon mastery and force mastery. Weapon mastery includes: bicheon swordsmanship, heuskal spearman ship and pacheon bowmanship. Force mastery is composed of: cold force, lighting force, fire force and force power. The Silkroad Online job skill system has 4 categories: play instrument, space management, crafting protectors for vehicles and master of transportation. All over Silkroad Online world, players will encounter quest NPCs.

Silkroad Online has two types of pets: task and growth. Growth pets will help players in combat. Task pets will gather items and can serve as extra storing space. Silkroad Online PvP system features: guild battles that can support 300 players and arenas matches. Players can freely duel outside towns. Battlefields of Infinity are some sort of training grounds where players can join solo or with a team. Forgotten World is a Silkroad Online adventure that can be accessed through dimension holes. Here, players fight stronger mobs for superior rewards. Like all free rpg games online, Silkroad Online has an item shop.

By Rachel Rosen


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