Siege Online's English language version launches

By Michael Jamias
siege online english language version launch

Western gamers, say hello to Siege Online, the medieval 3D multiplayer rpg which has finally debuted for the English-speaking market. The Siege Online English language version should be virtually identical to other language versions, and promises to deliver an engaging mix of strategic castle management and army conquests.

Siege Online Town screenshot

"Siege Online is the perfect game for people who love the depth of a full-featured and complex online rpg, but also want a strategic combat system instead of pure action," said Irina Kudosova, president of Mousee Games.

"Siege Online reflects the kind of innovation you will only see from the small, independent developers, and we're pleased to have helped bring it to English-speaking gamers."

Siege Online also boasts of a complex economic system that should appeal to MMORPG multitaskers. You can craft, trade, mine, hunt, gather herbs, on top of worrying about whether the neighboring kingdoms are plotting to storm your castle.

Players will have access to 100 different buildings and 40 different troops to build their medieval empire and army, respectively.

Other features include a guild system, PvP, raids, and alliance diplomacy. Siege Online is free to play and free to download now on the official website.


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