Release 5 for Shroud of the Avatar Starts Today

By Jeff Francis
Shroud of the Avatar release 5

Players with that old-school gaming itch can scratch it this weekend as Release 5 for Shroud of the Avatar starts today and last through Sunday. Backers of the mmorpg in the First Responders and above categories will be able to access the game client this weekend.

While the developers of Shroud of the Avatar are adding a bunch of new items with Release 5, they do admit that they were not able to get everything that they hoped for in the release. They state, "We are happy to report that we were able to add a bunch of new content and features, while iterating on existing ones. However those deliverables didn’t quite end up matching our original goals. The sheer scope of getting skills working, while also responding to R4 feedback, made us radically shift focus for Release 5."

Shroud of the Avatar player housing

New features for the mmo for Release 5 include combat and weapon skills, so that you no longer have to just auto-attack, and an increase in crafting recipes. Some more creatures are coming to face off against players: the chest mimic, skeleton archer, satyr mage, and satyr archer. Of particular interest is that they are adding twelve new player houses, and are increasing the number of locations that players can place houses, with a new lot total of 600 lots. The new houses are four rustic, six wood and plaster, and two duke castles.

Naturally, the developers of Shroud of the Avatar stresses that the mmo is still a work in progress and many planned advanced features are not in play. Still, it's gratifying to see the game move along at a nice pace. I know many gamers are looking forward to playing the game that many are labeling as the spiritual successor of Ultima Online. Just the name of Lord British himself, Richard Garriott, is enough to get many players interested. So far, over 95,000 people have pledge over $4 million towards the development of the game.


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