Shroud of the Avatar Release 4 content now accessible

By Michael Jamias
shroud of the avatar release 4 access

It's going to be another fantastic weekend for Shroud of the Avatar backers with the arrival of Release 4 content.

First Responder level backers and up -- or those who have pledged at least $25 for the mmorpg --  can start accessing all the content in Shroud of the Avatar Release 4 starting on 10:30AM Central Time.

The Shroud of the Avatar Release 4 access will last for a good three-and-a-half days ending on March 30, 10:00PM Central Time.

Shroud of the Avatar screenshot Release 4

Why should you spend a perfectly good weekend playtesting the Release 4 update?

Well, Release 4 marks the first time that combat will be accessible to backers, allowing them to fight back, albeit in "extremely simple" form such as auto attacking targets with equipped weapons.

Release 4 also gives fans their first major taste of questing, looting, resource gathering and partying with other online rpg players.

But developers admit that there's much more work to be done to polish the game after Release 4.

More performance optimizations, combat additions and crafting tweaks will be rolled out in future release updates. You can also look forward to advanced player housing features, including waterfront properties, basements, home exterior decorations and ceiling enhancements in the foreseeable horizon.


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