Shroud of the Avatar to hand out official collector's coin

By Michael Jamias
shroud of the avatar official collectors coin

Drool over this fan-made Official Collector's Coin to be given out to early backers of Shroud of the Avatar.

If you donated enough to qualify for Early Founder Collector Pledge Tier and above rewards, then you will get this artisanal coin as a sweet bonus, the Shroud of the Avatar developers announced in an update over the weekend.

The front of the coin shows the Shroud of the Avatar logo and around it the words Lord British's Forsaken Virtues and Founders Edition. At the back of the coin, an iconic image in the MMORPG is embossed in the shape of a shield with a cross and a snake coiled around the middle. Runic language symbols were also placed around it.

The official collector's coin was the brainchild of Frank Baxley and Joseph Toschlog, both early backers of the fantasy online rpg.

The two fans talked to Shroud of the Avatar developers about possibly manufacturing a coin for their private use. But then after a lengthy discussion, which included lead concept artist Stephen Daniele providing a few concept sketches, it was decided that the coins would be part of the free physical goodies to be given out to the game's most ardent backers.


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