Shroud of the Avatar early release turns on multiplayer

By Michael Jamias
shroud of the avatar early release multiplayer

Your loner days are numbered in Shroud of the Avatar as the Richard Garriott-led Portalarium studio rolls out multiplayer functionality for the fantasy rpg.

Currently, Shroud of the Avatar has been on Early Release mode for the past eight weeks, meaning only certain backers who donated a minimum amount have access to playing the game.

The multiplayer feature is part of Shroud of the Avatar Release 3, the latest in a stream of content additions the team plans to implement in the Early Release version until Shroud of the Avatar builds into a game worthy of formal releases.

With the addition of the multiplayer feature, Early Release players will be able to interact with each other in the Shroud virtual world via chat, emotes and other social systems.

"The momentum is building and now we have a chance to see how our multiplayer functionality stands up to the test. These short three to four day tests allow us to see how we are doing and to close the loop with our fans so we can make the game they want and we want," said Richard Garriott.

Together with getting to immerse themselves in a multiplayer-enabled mmo, players can now add a friend and explore the new village of Braemar. Crating and merchants have also been improved, making the act of making and selling items more fun and convenient.


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