Shroud of the Avatar and Pantheon join forces

By Tam Mageean
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It's been marked by one particular fan on the KickStarter as "the greatest day in mmorpg history". Today, Brad McQuaid announced that his Pantheon KickStarter has joined forces with the mighty and successful, Shroud of the Avatar.

Shroud of the Avatar, from the creator of the Ultima series achieved KickStarter success early last year, but throughout development, fans have continued to buy into it, donating more and more. The mmo project smashed its $1,000,000 target, almost doubling it, and has now gone on to partner with Pantheon Rise of the Fallen, to raise awareness and generate some third-party hype.

Star Citizen, rather famously picked up a partnership with Star Citizen last year, where they shared pledge perks for backers of either scheme, and now, Shroud of the Avatar has extended the same offer to Pantheon backers.

Thanks to the Pantheon/Shroud of the Avatar collaboration; if you pledge with both of the developing mmo games, you will receive perks to represent your efforts.

If you donate at "Special" or Higher in Pantheon, or First Responder/Adventurer (depending on when you pledged) in Shroud of the Avatar, you will receive an additional cloak in both games. Naturally, the cloak in Pantheon will feature the Shroud of the Avatar crest, and vice-versa.

Pantheon still hasn't achieved its $800,000 goal, but with 21 days to go; hopefully this will give it the boost it deserves.


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