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shroud of the avatar final data wipe
Are you ready for Shroud of the Avatar's great land rush? Developers will be taking game servers offline on July 27 midnight (CDT) to begin the Shroud of the Avatar final data wipe. As part of the wipe process, basically all homes and basements, as well as new player owned towns will expire. Once the wipe is done, a process that should take roughly nine hours and a half, the game will then turned back on on July 28 9:30 AM (CDT). With all the ...
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Jul 26 2016
shroud of the avatar blood
We've seen a lot of developers and publishers go to extreme measures to get their dreams off the ground, whether it involves a remortgage on their house or throwing some of their prized possessions into a KickStarter reward tier, we've seen a lot of crazy things, but the creator behind Shroud of the Avatar just took the crown for wild commitments. Richard Garriott de Cayeux, known best as "Lord British" has picked up a reputation in the mmo comm...
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Jul 08 2016
Player wipe before Shroud of the Avatar Release 32
One of the most dreaded words that can fall upon the ears of mmorpg players is "wipe." Having all the gear, achievements, and characters that were painstaking accumulated or leveled being wiped off the virtual map is never a good thing. The sting is removed a bit, though, if such wipes are part of the game's early development or early access as then players knew what to expect. Shroud of the Avatar players can begin to breathe a little bit easier...
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Jun 22 2016
shroud of the avatar brittany city sneak peek
Take a peek at Brittany, capital of Novia, and a city brimming with commerce and trade in the latest Shroud of the Avatar city preview. The Shroud of the Avatar Brittany preview shows a screenshot that captures the South Port side Gate of the bustling city.Level designer Esteban Zaldivar explains that the screenshot shows interesting locations that mmo adventurers can explore from the South Port side Gate. The Brittany Castle, for example, ...
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Mar 14 2016
shroud of the avatar aerie city
Looking to set up your mmorpg nest in Aerie, the new city in Shroud of the Avatar? Then you'll want to know more about the neighborhood, and level designer Esteben Zaldivar gives a walking tour of its notable sights.The city's most prominent landmark is Castel Aerie, but the other sectors of the city are also worth checking out. Shroud of the Avatar's Aerie has multiple entrances, and is dotted with many farms, pastures and windmills that po...
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Jan 04 2016
shroud of the avatar dragons preview
Are you ready to face the fearsome dragons? Shroud of the Avatar developers have confirmed that the next very large creature they are working on are dragons. The team that will be bringing Shroud of the Avatar dragons to life includes character artists Geoff Mellon and Kevin Wells and animator Bren Wilson. A lot of detailed work is being put into the dragon designs, at least based on the initial work-in-progress screenshots that were revealed i...
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Aug 25 2015
Will Shroud of the Avatar live up to the hype?
There are only a handful of people that can send gamers into a frothing frenzy at the mere mention of their name. Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, is one of those people. He's responsible for the Ultima series of games, including the revolutionary Ultima Online. His latest effort is Shroud of the Avatar, and a large number of mmo gamers have banded together to back the project. The game offers to bring back old school excitement in a sandbox s...
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May 24 2015
shroud of the avatar bigger
Last month, we talked about upcoming mmorpg, Shroud of the Avatar and how amazing it was to see the development process steaming forward at such a high speed. In case you missed it, Shroud of the Avatar was shifted onto the mighty, Unity 5 engine, which not only signified a step up for the mmo - it raised the bar for all new mmo games coming through the door. Its was an ambitious step, to say the least, but they powered through and got it done. ...
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Mar 26 2015
shroud of the avatar unity
Unity 5 is now alive! The news that Richard Garriott was starting a new venture was a huge, huge deal for many mmo gamers. Known cordially to most as the one and only, "Lord British", Garriott is one of the founding fathers of mmo games and is responsible for the Ultima series, which is now over two decades old, but still held dearly in the hearts of gamers everywhere. When crowdfunding and pre-production began on his new mmo, Shroud of the Avat...
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Feb 26 2015
shroud of the avatar release
Writer, developer and all-round mmo mastermind, Richard Garriot (known best by his alter-ego, Lord British), has explicitly stated that his upcoming mmorpg, Shroud of the Avatar has nothing to do with his proud flagship title, Ultima. However, that hasn't stopped keen Ultima fans from stalking the new project throughout. At this point, over $5.5million have been raised and an impressive 146000+ New Britannians have joined in on the crowdfunded c...
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Jan 29 2015