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  • Shot Online: clubs

    Shot Online: clubs
    Different clubs have different ranges and specialties. Make sure to use the right club for your situation....
    Shot Online: clubs

    Shot Online: swing

    Shot Online: swing
    Hit space bar to fill up your power and then hit it again as the bar is nearing empty to swing....
    Shot Online: swing

    Shot Online: green

    Shot Online: green
    Putting works the same as swinging. The only difference is you only have to hit space once. And worry about the elevation of the g...
    Shot Online: green

    Shot Online: par

    Shot Online: par
    This is a par....
    Shot Online: par

Shot Online Gameplay

Shot Online Gameplay

Shot Online is a free to play MMO RPG golf simulator that includes both great golfing mechanics and in-depth character progression. Shot Online was originally released in Korea back in 2004 and has since become the dominant force in online golf games. Shot Online is available from multiple publishers and is accessible in just under a dozen countries, offering support for 8 different languages on stable and regularly updated servers.

Shot Online contains 2 main areas of play, the golf courses and The Square. The Square is the main area of interaction with other players and includes dozens of unique NPC's with their own appearance and dialogue. Each NPC also serves their own purpose, with some selling many variations of golfing gear from clubs and balls to hats and trousers. You can also rent out golf buggy's for that extra bit of style. Another great feature of The Square is the player ran economy and auction house. You can sell practically any item on the auction house, making it a great one stop shop for all your golfing needs. Shot Online also allows famous guilds to purchase their own property that is featured in The Square.

Shot Online allows you to choose from 8 different characters, Albus, Belzebuit, Erda, Shaoring, Wotan, Zygmunt and Camilla. All characters are totally unique in appearance and back story, varying from young European teenagers to seasoned American golfers. Each character has their own set of animations, both on the course and The Square. Although you use predefined players, there's so many options in regards to clothes and other golfing items that it's easy to be unique, even amongst a group of the same character.

Shot Online includes 13 unique courses, all displayed in high quality anime styled graphics with some of the best mapping seen in games of this type. The courses are separated into 3 different categories, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each category offers varying challenges and at least 5 courses per category. Each course within a category is also given its own unique difficulty rating, allowing players to progress slowly through each category to ensure they're ready for the next challenge. Every course is designed individually, offering it's very own set of challenges, from sloping greens to carefully placed bunkers. Players can expect to play on both iconic real life courses such as Midas Valley, and more fantastical based courses such as the blistering Volcano course.

Shot Online receives a major update every 6 months, with lots of minor updates and fixes in-between. Previous large updates include the caddy system, a large number of courses, and the highly popular auction house update.

By Rachel Rosen

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