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  • Ship Simulator Extremes: ride

    Ship Simulator Extremes: ride
    Let's go for a little ride around New York and explore the controls and views of the game....
    Ship Simulator Extremes: ride

    Ship Simulator Extremes: big

    Ship Simulator Extremes: big
    Larger ships are harder to maneuver. Don't expect to turn on a dime with one of these big ships....
    Ship Simulator Extremes: big

    Ship Simulator Extremes: views

    Ship Simulator Extremes: views
    There are multiple camera angles that you can use as you play the game. Here is the captain's view of the ship....
    Ship Simulator Extremes: views

    Ship Simulator Extremes: objective

    Ship Simulator Extremes: objective
    Remember to complete the objectives of each mission. Here we are trying to get in the way of a whaling ship so that whales can esc...
    Ship Simulator Extremes: objective

Ship Simulator Extremes Gameplay

Ship Simulator Extremes Gameplay

Ship Simulator Extremes is a ship control simulation game based on the popular Ship Simulator Series. This new installment uses an upgraded ocean system, a more intricate weather system, and a wider selection of vessels and environment scenarios than previous entries. The Ship Simulator Extremes blows other RPG Games out of the water when it comes to providing authentic sailing experiences – from taking your vessel on a relaxing cruise to keeping it afloat amid a violent storm. The single-player campaign is packed with missions based on true-to-life captain stories, and will sure to test your navigation and seafaring skills. One will ask you to sail a cruise liner through some of the world’s busiest and most iconic ports like Marseilles. There is also an eco-saving campaign where you get to sail Greenpeace ships on a mission to protect the world’s seas and natural environment.

Ship Simulator Extremes uses the VSTEP software for ultra-realistic simulation graphics, comparable to those used in professional license training and government exercises. A total of 32 ships are on the roster, everything from tug boats to oil tankers to even cruise liners, each one ready to be taken out for a sweep of the seas. Developers have said that the ships were made based on actual blueprints, which give them the intricate details that hardcore ship lovers would appreciate. Free roaming is more than allowed, allowing you to marvel at the equally life-like water and environment effects. City skylines, sunsets down to the spatter of water when it hits the hull of your boat – all these come alive in Ship Simulator Extremes. For a deeper immersion, players also get to unlock actual interviews from captains who have been in your mission situations. This gives gems of insight on what it takes to become a real-life navigator.

After completing the bulk of the packaged content in Ship Simulator Extremes, you can take on the free to play missions made by other players. The game comes with a free mission editor which mission creators can share online. This is similar to the mission editors found in rpg games online that give players the freedom to build and experiment to their hearts' content. While this simulation game might not offer the hectic online fun that mmo games offer, it is a solid diversion for those searching for a more solitary naval pastime without the threat of seasickness or a disastrous capsizing.

By Rachel Rosen

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