Goodbye Shining Force Online, hello Shining Empire

By Michael Jamias
shining force online shut down

Fanmade free to play mmo Shining Force Online has been issued a cease and desist by Sega, forcing the creators to take down the in-beta game.

Shining Force Online is made in the likeness of Sega's namesake turn-based strategy RPG franchise, but because of the legal pressure, the game will be heavily remade. The revamped version will be named Shining Empire, and will no longer carry any Sega trademarked characters and graphics.

Of course, this means that half a year of development time and funds will be going down the drain. That's why studio lead Robby Mulvany has launched a $9,500 Kickstarter campaign to fund the mmo's overhaul.

Shining Empire will be drastically different from Shining Force Online, based on Mulvany's plans.

Instead of focusing on 200+ player parties that made the turn-based battles excruciatingly long (3-4 hours in some cases), it will be redesigned to be more of a "single player social" experience. Factions will also be introduced as a point of conflict and system for power progression.

Studio lead Robby Mulvany said that it was never the intention of the studio to brazenly impinge on the trademarks. He allegedly sent e-mails asking for permission, and cited similar fanmade games "didn't bother" the Sega legal team in the past.

The Shining Empire beta could be out by this summer with a 2014 fall launch.


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