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Return to the pixilated glory of rpg games of the past in Shining Force Online, the free mmorpg developed by unFun Games. Based upon the Shining Force games by SEGA, this fan made mmo takes play in an alternate universe. This game takes characters from the Shining Force franchise and puts them into new situations and storylines. This online game seeks to return to the rpg roots of older games and to avoid the cliches found in most modern games.

Shining Force Online is a completely story driven mmo as players will explore the game's virtual world and undertake perilous quests. The player begins by creating their character and allocating points across ten stats: melee damage, ranged damage, harvesting, physical defense, magic defense, healing magic, destruction magic, potions, shops, and aim. Every day, the player gains an additional point that he can allocate to the stat of his choice. As the player travels, he recruits hirelings that join his Force and who will fight for him. Each Force member has their own unique capabilities.

Players can alter their appearance through their character's wardrobe. The player can gain more costume pieces as their Fame progresses. Fame is increased by leveling up your party members, completing quests, and by having your picture taken by other players. You can take players of other players (and have up to four) and you'll gain gold and xp each day that you have them. The higher the fame of the player you photograph, the higher your reward.

Shining Force Online focuses on stories told through the various quests and exploration. Players will fight vicious enemies, such as outlaws or zombies, and powerful mini-bosses, which require a group of players to defeat. Defeated enemies can drop gold or resources used to craft items. As this free mmorpg focuses on story, you can play virtually the entire game as a single player experience. However, you can quest with other players if you wish to.

Shining Force Online is constantly evolving as new quests, characters, and story missions are added on a weekly basis. This mmo isn't pay to win as you cannot spend money on items, xp, or currency. However, if you wish to engage in general chat or have priority logging into the server, you will have to purchase tickets from the game's website. You can whisper to other players and engage in guild chat for free. If your gaming heart harkens for the gaming experience of the early rpg games of the 1990s, then Shining Force Online is worth a look.

By Jeff Francis


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