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  • Megaten: character creation

    Megaten: character creation
    There are only a few options when creating your character. The most important was to carry my big hammer....
    Megaten: character creation

    Megaten: attack

    Megaten: attack
    The '1' key is your basic attack. You need to press it for each attack....
    Megaten: attack

    Megaten: charge attack

    Megaten: charge attack
    Press and hold 2 to charge through enemies. Make sure you are within range....
    Megaten: charge attack

    Megaten: store

    Megaten: store
    The in game store will let you buy and unlock extra gear more quickly....
    Megaten: store

Shin Megami Tensei Gameplay

Shin Megami Tensei Gameplay

Shin Megami Tensei, or MegaTen, is a free MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. MegaTen is a monster battling MMORPG game where players can collect and raise a large number of monsters to aid them in battle. Based around the hugely popular Shin Megami Tensei franchise, the game delivers an in-depth approach to story including decades worth of lore and background information.

The main concept of Shin Megami Tensei is to collect various Demons. Demons come in a massive variety of forms from demonic dogs to cute snowmen type monsters. Each Demon is totally unique, having their own set of stats, abilities and even an evolving personality. In order to catch a Demon a player must first find one, if you're lucky enough to find the Demon you're after, you must initiate battle. During the fight you can damage the Demon and attempt to speak with it, eventually the Demon will give in and join your cause. Demons can be summoned to aid you in battle and progress alongside your main character, earning experience points and unlocking skills and abilities as they level up.

There are dozens of Demons to collect but even more to obtain through the Demon Fusion system. Shin Megami Tensei allows you to merge up to 3 currently controlled Demons, into one, more powerful Demon. There are dozens of possible combinations, some good, some bad. A skilled Demon trainer will do all the required research before merging their Demons in the Cathedral of Shadows. There are some Demons that are exclusive to the Demon Fusion system, meaning you're not able to find or collect that Demon anywhere else in-game.

Another feature in the Cathedral of Shadows is the Demon Rebirth system. Traditionally certain Demon types in MegaTen will have a predetermined progression route, meaning you can customize certain stats but the Demon will still excel in one particular area. Demon Rebirth allows you to reset your Demon to level 1, with the possibility of unlocking previously impossible Demon outcomes. As an example, the Pixie Demon usually evolves with high speed and agility, but by using the Demon Rebirth tool, you're able to change that so the Pixie can excel in strength or defense instead.

By Rachel Rosen

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