Shaiya sails to enigmatic Mystra islands for Episode Six update

By Michael Jamias
shaiya mystra episode six trinity artifact

The new Shaiya update introduces a territory torn by civil war, and raises the level cap to 80.

The Mystra islands are said to contain the fabled Trinity Artifacts, which leads the two warring Shaiya factions – the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury – to venture into its unexplored lands.

“But they get more than they bargain for when they meet the mysterious locals, the Threemas, who are embroiled in their own civil war with the sinister Risen. Players will need to secure a foothold for their faction’s chosen island and aid the Threemas if they want their help in hunting for the Trinity Artifacts,” said MMORPG developer Aeria Games in describing the premise of Episode Six, Trinity Artifact.

Aside from the thrilling conflict, the islands also harbor deadly new monster species. Many of these abominations are the result of twisted Risen experiments, and should challenge newly minted 80 heroes in the free online rpg.

These monsters will be spread out over two huge island zones and the new dungeons that dot the Mystra landscape. The online rpg is also gearing up for more intense PvP bouts as players can wield their newly acquired skills and gear sets.


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