See what's coming in Shaiya's Iron Invasion update

By Michael Jamias
shaiya iron invasion update

Mechanical monsters attempt to overtake the world of Shaiya.

As the newest content update for the free mmorpg, the Iron Invasion patch presses players to their backs as they try to defend the Goddesses from a mysterious army of metal invaders.

Shaiya publisher Aeria Games has kept most of the storyline under wraps, revealing only that they pose a very serious threat to the survival of Shaiya. The new threat will also force the warring factions of the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury to forge a temporary truce before the mechanical menace overwhelms them both.

On top of introducing a new shared enemy to the mmo, the Shaiya Iron Invasion update also ushers in several new features.

Players will be able to purchase quest scrolls that bestow instant rewards once a quest is complete, removing the need to boring trek back to an NPC for a quest turn-in.

There is also a new bingo event that should keep fans busier than ever. Players who complete quests and perform other in-game activities will receive special stamps that fill up the bingo cards. A filled-up card then unlocks special rewards.

PvP gladiators should also look forward to joining more fights as with the introduction of an instant PvP button that whisks players to active PvP zones with a simple click of a button.

There is no set release date yet for the Iron Invasion update, although many expect it to go live either by the end of this month or early July.


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