Shaiya Iron Invasion patch released

By Michael Jamias
shaiya iron invasion

Man and machine collide in a bitter war in the newly released Shaiya Iron Invasion patch.

Iron Invasion is the seventh content update for to the free to play mmo, Shaiya. It unleashes the grand conflict between the combined heroes of the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury, and the ironclad robots called Tyros.

The new content patch also opens up additional zones and features.

This includes the visually changed sub-sections of Stable Erde, which now serve as battlegrounds and is teeming with dangerous mechanical monstrosities led by four new world bosses. The new zones are divided based on level range, giving everyone an incentive to keep on coming back to overcome even greater foes.

There is also the new Infinite Sanctuary dungeon that provides challengers with one of the toughest fight gauntlets in the MMO -- five levels split into ten stages each, requiring heroes to survive countless waves of enemies while destroying key objectives. Those who survive the Infinite Sanctuary stand to gain powerful level 80 weapons.

New features include the Chaotic Square crafting system, which allows fans to create weapons, armor, EXP stones and more fantastic items. Costume lovers can also look forward to flaunting one-of-a-kind outfits in the online rpg by customizing their gear using the new color dye system.


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