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shaiya iron invasion
Man and machine collide in a bitter war in the newly released Shaiya Iron Invasion patch. Iron Invasion is the seventh content update for to the free to play mmo, Shaiya. It unleashes the grand conflict between the combined heroes of the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury, and the ironclad robots called Tyros. The new content patch also opens up additional zones and features. This includes the visually changed sub-sections of Stable Erde, whi...
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Aug 27 2013
shaiya iron invasion update
Mechanical monsters attempt to overtake the world of Shaiya. As the newest content update for the free mmorpg, the Iron Invasion patch presses players to their backs as they try to defend the Goddesses from a mysterious army of metal invaders. Shaiya publisher Aeria Games has kept most of the storyline under wraps, revealing only that they pose a very serious threat to the survival of Shaiya. The new threat will also force the warring factions ...
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Jun 19 2013
shaiya mystra episode six trinity artifact
The new Shaiya update introduces a territory torn by civil war, and raises the level cap to 80. The Mystra islands are said to contain the fabled Trinity Artifacts, which leads the two warring Shaiya factions – the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury – to venture into its unexplored lands. “But they get more than they bargain for when they meet the mysterious locals, the Threemas, who are embroiled in their own civil war with the sinister R...
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Sep 25 2012