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Shaiya Phoenix Gameplay

Shaiya Phoenix Gameplay

Shaiya Phoenix is a free to play MMO RPG published by Aeria Games started as a result of community ongoing demands for a different Shaiya experience. One of the greatest challenges in MMORPG development is keeping the community happy and engaged. The devs knew the changes won't please everyone so they decided not to alter the game. The solution was to open a new server giving the players two options: keep playing the original game or trying the new Shaiya Phoenix server. Although Shaiya Phoenix has a different website and item mall you don't need to download it or install it separately. Simply look for the server Phoenix and create a new character there.

There are 3 main changes that Shaiya Phoenix  brings to the table: improved gameplay for starting players, different item mall system and economy balance. The graphics, game world and settings remain the same as in the original Shaiya and to a certain extent Shaiya Phoenix will receive the same changes that future patches may bring. One of the goals of the Shaiya Phoenix server is to ease and improve the new player experience in order to recreate massive PvP events. The questing system has seen some changes in terms of accessibility, in game events and promotions for starting players and a better customer service. Next point on Shaiya Phoenix agenda is item mall overhaul and simplification. GM enchants and Max OJ's have been removed, gear that takes significant amounts of time to be obtained can no longer be bought and also no monthly refunds. Instead discounts have been added, timed promotions and packages, raffles and AP items. The economy system has gone though some modifications as well. Selling or sharing your Shaiya Phoenix account is strictly prohibited from now on and zero tolerance for powerleveling or in gold buying services. Gold bars have been completely removed. A new auction house system and non tradeable items between the original Shaiya and Shaiya Phoenix should now offer a more stable and balanced economy.

Shaiya Phoenix still holds the elements that define RPG Games. It has two opposing factions and the iconic light vs. dark conflict. The Alliance of Light has Humans and Elves as playable races while the Union of Fury has Vails and Nordein. In terms of names classes differ depending on race but each race has a choice for every role you want to play tank, healer or melee/ranged damage dealer. Shaiya Phoenix has 3 difficulty options. Players need to complete a certain level before unlocking the next difficulty tier. Shaiya Phoenix also provides an Ultimate mode that doesn't have a resurrection option.

For those who prefer to take on game content there are dungeon and raids. For those who like to battle other players there are plenty of PvP challenges. Shaiya Phoenix will also have its own PvP ranking. Shaiya Phoenix has the same PvP rules and Terms of Use as the Original Shaiya rpg but it has its own team for addressing issues and player support.

By Rachel Rosen

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