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  • Shaiya: character creation

    Shaiya: character creation
    The first thing you do after signing into Shaiya is choose whether you are Light or Fury then its on to Character creation which w...
    Shaiya: character creation

    Shaiya: ruins

    Shaiya: ruins
    There are many ruins scattered over the homelands of the Fury....
    Shaiya: ruins

    Shaiya: Gliter

    Shaiya: Gliter
    The town of Gliter which is the the hub for commerce, banks and blacksmiths....
    Shaiya: Gliter

    Shaiya: first person view

    Shaiya: first person view
    It's possible to play from a first person view which comes in handy in some situations....
    Shaiya: first person view

Shaiya Gameplay

Shaiya Gameplay

Shaiya is another free to play MMO RPG hosted on the popular free to play portal, Aeria Games. There are hundreds of MMORPG games on the internet, most of which are just carbon copies of another MMO but Shaiya breaks the mold in many aspects and includes highly innovative features such as faction based PvP and perma-death.

Creating your character in Shaiya is one of the most unique experiences you'll ever come across. There are 4 playable races, all with their own appearance, lore and background stories. Each race then has access to 3 classes, following MMORPG archetypes of healer, tank and damage dealer. As well as race and class, you can also edit your appearance using a large variety of options, from editing your character skin tone to choosing their hairdo and color. Next comes one of the most unique aspects to Shaiya, the difficulty system. You get to select your difficulty at character creation from Easy, Normal, Hard and Ultimate. Below is an outline of what each difficulty offers:

Easy: Easy mode is designed for players new to the MMORPG scene. You're capped at level 30 (maximum level is 70), and you're given a permanent double experience points buff, however you don't get access to any special abilities.

Normal: This is the average player mode, the leveling curve is set at a normal rate and allows you to reach level 70. You must each level 40 on Normal to unlock Hard.

Hard: Hard provides a much steeper leveling curve than Normal but your stats and skills are given huge bonuses, making you far more deadly in PvP combat. If you're skilled enough to reach level 40 on Hard, you unlock Ultimate.

Ultimate: This is one of the best features of the game. The leveling curve is the same as what's set in Hard mode but your stats and skills gain an even bigger bonus. Ultimate characters also get access to exclusive skills, bonuses and items, available only to players in Ultimate mode. The most interesting aspect of the Ultimate mode is the perma-death feature. Any Ultimate level character that dies and is not resurrected in 3 minutes is instantly deleted. Shaiya creates one of the most hardcore MMORPG experiences available.

Shaiya includes dozens of other interesting features such as a highly in-depth mount system, guilds, large-scale PvP and enough gear and items to make your character totally unique, even on a battlefield of 200 players.

By Rachel Rosen


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