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Shadowrun Chronicles is a multiplatform online RPG developed and published by Cliffhanger Productions. The game is part of Shadowrun cyberpunk universe. It all started with a pen and paper game, followed by a single player RPG, and then the game developers decided it’s time for a MMORPG as well. The project was independently funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter success proved that the franchise still has a veteran fanbase and lots of MMO enthusiasts showed excitement about a Shadowrun Chronicles concept. In the game, Players complete missions and quests to learn more about the Shadowrun world, a cyberpunk universe where magic and fantasy blend with advanced technology. The game offers a story driven campaign, set in 2070, that allows individual players to shape the world according to their decisions.

Players can team up for co-op missions and also battle against each other in PvP scenarios. Faction wars are part of the PvP content. Random events are another Shadowrun Chronicles feature. All players actions have effects on the game world. The class system allows players to select from multiple specializations. The Mage is the classic spell casting wizard, Shamans use spirit summoning incantations, the Hacker is similar to rogues or thieves and the Street Samurai is some sort of cyberpunk warrior. The cyber augmentation system offers players the possibility to upgrade their characters. Many types of customizable equipment are available.

The difference between classes is more than different abilities, looks and gear. Each class has its own way of interacting with the game world. Spirit world and augmented reality are 2 features that make each character unique. Shadowrun Chronicles RPG is home to many traditional fantasy races like dwarves and elves but they are altered to match the cyberpunk game atmosphere. For example, dragons are known to be treasure keepers so you will meet powerful corporations in the game that are lead by dragons.

Shadowrun Chronicles has 2 business models. Players that buy the game and unlock the campaign model have access to everything in game without any additional costs or a monthly subscription. The game can be also enjoyed as a free MMO with premium features. This model is great because players get a chance to see the game and decide later if they want to buy it or spend money on boosts. Shadowrun Chronicles is designed to run on desktop computers and mobile devices.

All players share the same game universe. Meaning you can interact with Android users even if you’re playing on Linux. New campaigns and regular content updates infuse Shadowrun Chronicles with exciting activities so players won’t get bored.

By Nabil Elmjati


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