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  • SevenCore: Races

    SevenCore: Races
    Three races to choose from each containing unique qualities, choose from Warrior,Gunner or Mage....
    SevenCore: Races

    SevenCore: Customization

    SevenCore: Customization
    Detailed customization enables unique and creative character designs....
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    SevenCore: Entry

    SevenCore: Entry
    Once logged in we see a decent community and a nicely designed environment....
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    SevenCore: Combat
    Simplistic combat, advanced combat occurs with unlockable skills....
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Sevencore Gameplay

Sevencore Gameplay

Sevencore is a new free mmorpg, developed by Noria and published by Gala Net. Sevencore is available on gPotato game portal, also owned by Gala Net. Sevencore has a few features that make it stand out from the crowd. Traditionally, heroes kill dragons that guard treasures and other valuable shinny things. Sevencore has a special breed of turtles that collect and guard treasures. It’s not that easy to hunt treasure turtles but the gold gain makes it worth. Players who wish to PvP can enter the PvP channel and they are automatically flagged for PvP. Guild and party members cannot attack each other. Cross Training is a feature that rewards players for leveling alts. Alts and main characters get an XP boost.

Sevencore has a race and class system. Players can choose from 3 races and 3 classes when creating a Sevencore character. The 3 races are: Sion, Nuuk and Einher. Sion is a pragmatic race. They were the first to learn how to use technology. They have a crit and engineering bonus. Nuuk mastered the use of Chakra. Their racial traits allow them to have more mana and increased mount HP. Einher are unmatched navigators. They have a strong constitution and are brave in battle. They have increased HP and bonus for mount attacks. The 3 Sevencore online rpg classes are: Warrior, Gunner and Magician. Warriors can dual wield or equip a powerful two-handed weapon. Sevencore Warriors use heavy armor that protects them against deadliest strikes. Gunner is a ranged Sevencore class. They use pistols or big guns. Their leather armor offers a great freedom of movement. The Magician uses a staff or a wand to deliver magic attacks. Magicians need to concentrate all their efforts when casting spells. Light armor is the only type of armor they can equip. Each Sevencore class has 3 skill sets. One is general and the other two are for weapon specialization.

Mounts are an important asset for Sevencore characters. There are 3 types of Sevencore mounts: attack, defense and movement. Mounts can be obtained by completing quests, boss drops or bought from the Sevencore item shop. Sevencore mounts can collect loot and mats for their masters. Mounts can be upgraded just like other gear. Mounts hatch from an egg or are crafted by engineers. Guilds can engage in occupational wars and gain dominance over a Sevencore territory. Sevencore free online rpg has a system that allows guilds to establish treaties or pacts. Players can look for battlefield masters and sign up for PvP battlefields. Sevencore has all sorts of achievements that reward players with titles and several other benefits.

By Rachel Rosen


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