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Secret World Legends is a free to play online RPG developed and published by Funcom. The game is a revamp of The Secret World but players will need a new character to explore the new game's content. Funcom's vision was to create an action role playing game that caters to both The Secret World veterans and to new players. Old systems went through serious changes. Secret World Legends has an overhauled combat system, better graphics and redesigned story progression. The new title provides a story driven experience that players can enjoy in solo mode or in a multiplayer setting. Secret World Legends gameplay allows users to easily interact with the world around them thanks to updated systems.

Everyone is welcome to give Secret World Legends a try as the game is completely free. The Secret World is a buy to play MMORPG but the new game removes the pricing restriction and offers all the content for free. There is no monthly subscription or content locked behind premium purchases. Developers' plan is to transfer all old content over to the new game. Players will have eight adventure zones to explore, various scenarios to complete and several dungeons. The rest of the original content including Tokyo, raids and nightmare dungeons will be added with future updates and patches. All players need to create a new game character. Secret World Legends character system differs from the old one in terms of development, progression and items. Veteran players will not lose their old game characters. They can still play with them on the old The Secret World servers but the new game comes with new servers and implementation that doesn't support the old character system. Players that have cosmetic, vanity and premium items on their old characters will be able to use some of them on their new Secret World Legends characters.

The Secret World is known as one of the best MMORPG titles when it comes to story line and story driven quests. Players discover an old conflict in a new world. The war between good versus evil is far from over but heroes have better methods of fighting against the evil forces. Secret World Legends offers players a generous selection of weapons and godlike abilities but that's not enough to save the world. Investigation missions are challenging tasks where players will make use of their entire battle arsenal as well as of their deduction skills to uncover mysteries and to defeat the forces of darkness. All story quests and missions are voice acted. Game's setting is based on the real world. Players will explore familiar places like Seoul, New York, Egypt and such. Secret World Legends is available from Steam and from the official website.

By Rachel Rosen


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