Seal Online: Blades of Destiny Celebrates Its Grand Opening

By Josh Wirtanen
Seal Online: Blades of Destiny Celebrates Its Grand Opening

Seal Online: Blades of Destiny, the latest iteration of Playwith Interactive's anime-inspired free-to-play MMORPG, has officially begun its grand opening. Well, it would actually be more accurate to call this a grand re-opening, as Seal Online has actually been around since 2007.

If you were never a part of Seal Online: Eternal Destiny, you'll be given a "new adventurers item" package, which features several items to help you get started on your adventure, as well as a Lobster pet. If you're a returning veteran, though, you'll get your hands on all that, as well as a special "welcome back" package that has even more goodies to enjoy, including a Crab pet.

This new relaunched version of the game adds four new Battle Pets for players to collect and train, as well as a brand new raid. The Black Dragon Raid is available to players between the levels of 10 and 251, offering Dragon Armor Manuals so victorious adventurers can craft this rare set of armor.

Of course, no relaunch would be complete without a celebration, and Seal Online is bringing some events, contests, and giveaways to get players excited.

Check out the official Grand Relaunch trailer:


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