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  • Seal Online: nurse

    Seal Online: nurse
    This nice lady will get my character back on her feet if I die. Helllloo Nurse. My age is showing again....
    Seal Online: nurse

    Seal Online: combos

    Seal Online: combos
    Use combinations of A S and D to perform combo attacks. You can learn combos by experimentation or from some NPCs....
    Seal Online: combos

    Seal Online: train

    Seal Online: train
    You can learn skills from NPCS in the game. Early on a beggas teaches me everything he knows about sleeping, newspaper and all?...
    Seal Online: train

    Seal Online: combat

    Seal Online: combat
    Movement in Seal Online is WASD and the camera can be shifted to either third person or isometric view. Use A S and D keys to atta...
    Seal Online: combat

Seal Online Gameplay First Look

Seal Online Gameplay First Look

Seal Online, developed and published by YNK Games, is a free MMORPG that takes players through a fantasy adventure in a fictional land called Shiltz. Seal Online graphics have a cute anime theme. Players resolve quests and help Shiltz inhabitants. Each completed task grants players rewards and XP. Players are allowed to join teams of up to 5 members. It’s easier to defeat monsters while you are playing with a group. It’s also more fun. Not all Seal Online creatures are evil mobs, players also encounter funny NPCs. There are many reasons to explore Shiltz as this land is filled with treasures and landscapes worth the travel. Players are never alone even if they aren’t part of a team. Seal Online has a sidekick/companion feature that allows players to get pets. These pets are also combat helpers. Pets need to be fed so they can become more powerful.

Shiltz lore is uncovered by Seal Online players by following the main story line. There is an ongoing war between Humans and Bales. For some unknown reason, all Bale population vanished. Seal Online players have to solve this mystery. Many NPCs will assign story quests and help players with their task. At the beginning of Seal Online, players create a character. A few physical traits can be customized. Each character is given 5 points that can be distributed to boost stats. The 6 Seal Online primary character stats (or attributes) are: strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, wisdom and luck. There also are secondary stats that depend on the primary stats. Seal Online secondary stats are: damage, defense, attack speed, crit, evasion rate, accuracy, magical power and movement speed. There are 2 starting Seal Online zones. Players not familiar with Seal Online or RPG games online should choose the Training Fields. This is a small tutorial for players to learn combat mechanics and how Seal Online skill system works.

The Seal Online class system features 7 initial class choices. All players start as Beginners and at level 10 they unlock specializations. The 7 specializations (classes) are: warrior, knight, hunter, jester, craftman, mage and priest. Each class has 2 sets of skills resulting in 2 more subclasses. Seal Online is a free online RPG with a total of 14 different class roles. Jester is some sort of rogue/assassin class. Craftman is an engineer like class. Weapons and gear vary from class to class. There are normal weapons like swords and bows but scallions and carrots can be used as weapons as well. While traveling players meet all sorts of monsters. Some are so cute that it’s almost hard to kill them. However, players get over that when loot and XP are at stake. Dungeons are Seal Online areas where stronger monsters lurk. Seal Online players are encouraged to join guilds and play together.

By Rachel Rosen


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