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    Scrolls: match
    Scrolls is a trading card game where players play structurs and characters on a hex grid and attempt to kill each others' idols. W...
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    Scrolls: store
    Players can buy boosters, 6 predetermined scrolls, starter decks and avatars at the in game store. Boosters can only be purchased ...
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    Deck construction is straight forward. Playrs need to construct a deck with a minimum of 50 cards and no more than 3 of the same s...
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    Players can play against 3 difficulties of AI, a campaign, quick matches in PvP, rated matches or even tournaments. Quick match wi...
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    Play rated matches to increase your rank. If you are good enough, you may even make it into the leaderboards!...
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    Scrolls: shards
    Players often have concerns about the concept of 'pay two win' in digital trading card games. Scrolls avoids this by not allowing ...
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Traditional board games combine with the mechanics of trading card games in Scrolls, the fantasy-themed mmo game developed by Mojang, those mad geniuses behind Minecraft. Players take on the role of mighty lords who unleash the power of magical scrolls to defeat their enemy. Offering a new and unique game style, this game has players creating decks of magical scrolls and playing them on a set hex-based battlefield to battle it out to the death.

The ultimate goal of Scrolls is to defeat your enemy. To do that, players will have to destroy three out of five idols belonging to their opponent. Each idol has a total of ten hit points that need to be reduced to zero to be destroyed. You'll have to use sound strategy and tactics to take the fight to your enemy whilst also protecting your own idols.

To take down the enemy's idols in Scrolls, players will use a deck composed of at least fifty scrolls. There can only be up to three copies of a specific scroll within the deck. Scrolls require a set number of resources to be used to be brought into play, and there are several different types of resources. Overall, there are four different types of scrolls: creatures, enchantments, structures, and spells. Creatures are placed to the board when used and have the ability to move and attack the enemy's idols. Placing your creatures on the board is vitally important as units attack in a straight line. Structures provide extra resources or buffs. Enchantments have an affect upon specific units. Spells have a wide range of effects and can quickly alter the course of battle. Scrolls also have differing levels of rarity. There are common, uncommon, and rare scrolls.

There are multiple gameplay modes in Scrolls. Players can engage in trials, quick matches, challenge matches, and ranked matches. Trials are matchups that teach specific strategies. Quick matches can be played solo or against a human opponent. The solo mode has three levels of difficulty so you can work on your deck strategy. Challenge matches occur when you challenge a specific player to a battle. Ranked matches are when you put your reputation and ranking on the line as you fight against the best of the best.

As players win matches in Scrolls, they earn gold. This can be used to buy additional scrolls, preconstructed decks, and cool looking avatars. Players can purchase shards, the secondary currency, in the cash shop to buy most items except random scrolls. If they wish, players don't have to buy shards in this mmo as they can gain gold in-game to buy all items in the shop. Players can also trade scrolls between one another.

Build your deck wisely and use the magic of your scrolls to tear your opponent limb from limb. Choosing the right deck is only half the battle as you'll have to place your forces carefully upon the board if you wish to gain victory in Scrolls.

By Jeff Francis


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