Watch Scarlet Blade’s lethal babes let loose in official trailer

By Michael Jamias
scarlet blade official trailer video

This one-minute official trailer is a sumptuous serving of girl power starring the Scarlet Blade heroines.

Beginning with an anime-style sequence and symphony, the video hints us of an impending apocalypse hanging over the Scarlet Blade world. It then shows the shadows of six cryogenically sealed females who awaken to save the day.

“Mankind has almost been completely wiped out. On the verge of extinction, the governments of the world turn to their last hope - genetically engineered warriors with powerful abilities and command over giant, death dealing mechs. These women are humanity's last hope,” said developer Aeria Games in the YouTube description for the official trailer.

The second half of the vid delivers a dizzying montage of the environments, classes and combat scenes we can expect from the new Aeria Games mmorpg. From what was shown, the visual peg is along the lines of Tron and Phantasy Star Online.

The new video was released along with the grand launch of the Scarlet Blade website. The updated website now contains full details and features that rpg games fans have long been anticipating such as the background lore behind the world, class guides, faction summaries, a media section filled with hi-def screenshots and wallpapers, as well as quick access to the community forums and wiki.


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