Scarlet Blade out to seduce with lingerie and clubbing features

By Michael Jamias
scarlet blade lingerie clubbing

These character optimization options should titillate true blue rpg games fans.

Scarlet Blade costumes range from “sultry to outlandish,” according to publisher Aeria Games in a release. Players will also be able to take their favorite looks to battle through the Grafting system, which basically transfers the appearance of one gear to another, as well as lets you hide your current gear in favor of a chosen costume.

Scarlet Blade also gets a little kinky with a lingerie system. Lingerie gear provide additional stats to your MMO character, and helps your femme fatale comply with the strictly sexy dress code for the Delilah night club area.

The clubbing feature will be fully integrated into the game system. Players can take pets along to the club and watch them earn bonus pet XP while their masters are having a little bit of fun. Higher level pets provide better stats for their masters.

Aeria Games also revealed that futuristic bikes will be the mount of choice in Scarlet Blade. Each class will also be able to pilot mech suits “for brief periods of time” and are designed to be powerful game-changers that can be activated to turn a losing fight into a winning one.


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